Sanshodhan Guidelines

Guidelines for determining best article awards in ‘Sanshodhan’

September 13, 2011

1. The purpose of ‘Sanshodhan’ is to provide a platform to our staff and students to publish their own research work.

2. For the present no articles by outside authors shall be published in ‘Sanshodhan’.

3. Our teachers who are pursuing their M.E./M.Tech or PhD, may contribute their project/ research articles for ‘Sanshodhan’. However, such articles shall not be considered eligible for best article awards, the simple reason being, such articles are part of their academic requirement. (for the higher qualification)

4(a). Articles presented for publication in ‘Sanshodhan’, shall first be selected by the Editorial Board and then forwarded to an internal/external moderator, for grading the articles for deciding the awards.
(b) When articles are sent for moderation/grading, the identification of the authors shall not be disclosed

5. For the articles that are jointly authored (SFIT Staff/Students), the prize money shall be shared by them.

6. In case one of SFIT faculty/student co-authors an article along with an outside author, the internal author alone shall be considered for the award.

7. As a general rule, it is desirable that the Editor-in chief contributing articles to ‘Sanshodhan’, shall not be eligible for the best article award. However, he/she is expected to contribute articles regularly, as a model and inspiration for others.

8. The amount for Best Article Award shall be, Rs. 6000/- for the 1st best article and Rs.4000/- for the 2nd best.

9. Besides the award for ‘best article’, every author (faculty) shall receive an ‘encouragement’ award of Rs. 1000/- for an article in Sanshodhan.

10. Similarly, student authors shall receive Rs.1500/- for an article in Sanshodhan.

The above guidelines shall come into effect from the VII issue of ‘ Sanshodhan’ and shall remain in force until they are altered.

Bro. Melchior Tom