Minor Research Grant

Minor Research Grant by University of Mumbai

Research Grant applied in Academic Year 2017-2018

Sr. No Name of Principal Investigator Project Title
1 Dr. Prachi Raut Voice activated smart mirror for personalised assistance
2 Ms. Nitika Rai Smart vault for multi-vendor services
3 Dr. Vaishali Jadhav Detecting diabetic retinopathy from retinal images using deep CNNs
4 Ms. Nazneen Ansari Automatic Weather stations for agriculture
5 Ms. Shree Jaswal Infrared reflection based eye tracking and blink recognition system for augmentative and alternative communication
6 Ms. Amrita Mathur Dissociated Swarm_ the future of Intelligence
7 Ms. Mrinmoyee Mukherjee Multi language wireless gesture recognition module for physically challenged
8 Ms. Grinal Tuscano Principles for minimal data collection to improve decision making in smart IoT