St. Francis Institute of Technology


Laboratory Details


Laboratory Name

Lab No.

Engineering Mechanics Lab

First floor (New Building)

Applied Physics Lab


Applied Chemistry Lab


Auto Cadd Lab


Drawing Hall

First floor (New Building)

Language Lab



Ground floor (New Building)



Name of the Lab: Applied Chemistry Lab
Location 012
Utilization :  Semester I & Semester II
Lab Resources  : Orsat Apparatus , Abel's Flash Point, Pensky martin Apparatus, Distillation Plant-2nos, Redwood Viscometer, pH Meters, Vicat Needle Apparatus, Water Bath, Pan Balance


 Name of the Lab: Applied Physics Lab
Location : 011
Utilization :  Semester I & Semester II
Lab Resources : A Fiber Optic Trainer Kit , Red Helium Neon Laser , Hall effect apparatus ,Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, e/m Apparatus, Ultrasonic distance meter, DC Power supply, Rehostat , Digital Multimeter, Travelling Microscope, Spectrometer, Micrometer screw gauge, zenith PC


 Name of the Lab: CADD Lab
Location : 601
Utilization :  Semester II
Lab Resources : Zenith Premium PC – 32 nos.with 25 Autocad software Licences
Printer, LCD Projector, Audio system

Computer facility2.JPG


Name of the Lab: Engineering Drawing Hall 
Location : First floor (New Building) 
Utilization :  Semester II
Lab Resources :  --



Name of the Lab: Engineering Mechanics Lab
Location :First floor (New Building)
Utilization :  Semester I
Lab Resources : Structural Apparatus, Polygon Force Apparatus, Inclined Plane Apparatus, Parallel Forces Apparatus, Different types of Lifting machines, Roof Truss, Young's Modulus Apparatus,  Spring Apparatus, Bell Crank Lever, Moment of Inertia of Flywheel, Universal Force, Jib Crane, Link Polygon


Name of the Lab: Language Lab
Location: 701B
Utilization : Semester II & Semester V
Lab Resources  : Zenith corporate PC- 20 nos., MS windows Vista Business, LCD Projector


 Name of the Lab: Printed Circuit Board Lab
Location : 012
Utilization : Semester II
Lab Resources:  Contacter, Light sensitive coater, Easy etcher , Drill machine ,
Two side UV exposure


Name of the Lab: Workshop 
Location : Ground floor (New Building)
Utilization : Semester I & Semester II
Lab Resources:  Hand Press Machine, Spot Welding Machine, 12” Circular saw machine,Wood working Lathe, Welding Machine -3nos, Power hacksaw machine, Sunrise bench griderbgp 1122, Ski bench drill machine 13 mm, Tom angle plate  2nos, Angle grinder, Apex bench vice  3nos, Mitutoyomicrocalliper size 6", China height gauge size 12"




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