Past Events and Workshops here at CSI-SFIT

CSI Membership Drive (2016)

The CSI Membership Drive was conducted for the First, Second and Third Year students in the month of September. Importance of being a part of Computer Society of India and benefits of joining the committee were explained to the students. 66 students enthusiastically joined the committee. The main motto was to benefit large number of students through the workshops conducted by our committee.

Get Set Code - 3 (2016)

Get Set Code - 3 was orgnaized by CSI for the Mosaic festival of our college. It was all about using one's brain power and stamina. Each team would search for clues with hints which would lead them to next location (within SFIT campus). Moreover, clues were entirely based on one's logical and algorihmic skills. It was played among 18 teams consisting of 3-4 members each. There were 71 participants in all.

Ethical Hacking Workshop (2016)

This workshop was conducted by Mr. Sachin Dedhia from Skynet Secure Solutions. The workshop was held on 4th October 2016 and was a one day workshop. Mr. Sachin Dedhia gave information about various techniques and methods involved in Ethical Hacking. He then later taught the students about various security measures they must undertake while surfing on the Internet and briefed the students about the various opportunities in Ethical Hacking. Click here to check out images from the event.

Technical Paper Writing and Presentation (2017)

On 3rd March 2017, CSI organized an informative seminar on ‘Technical Paper Writing and Presentation.' The one hour seminar was conducted by Dr. Sincy George (Principal, SFIT).Topics such as the prerequisites for writing a technical paper, the dos and don’ts while drafting and how the content should be remodeled and presented as per different target audience were explained. Questions and doubts of students regarding this topic were skillfully resolved by Dr. Sincy George. Amrita Mathur (Assistant Professor-SFIT) gave vote of thanks and concluded the workshop. Click here to check out images from the event.

Big Data and Hadoop workshop (2017)

Big Data and Hadoop workshop was organised by CSI on the 11th and 12th of March. It was conducted by Mr. Anurag Mishra and Mr Shiv Kumar from Robokart. The first session was taken by Mr Shiv Kumar during which he covered topics ranging from Introduction to Big Data to Hadoop Architecture. On the second day, Mr Anurag Mishra taught Hive and Sqoop which are tools widely used in field of Big Data. Students were given certificates from Robokart and Innovation Cell, IIT Bombay. Click here to check out images from the event.