St. Francis Institute of Technology


M.E. Computer Engineering New Syllabus



Algorithm and Complexity

High Performance Computing

Advance computer network and design

Data Science

Advance Operating Systems

Ethical Hacking and Digital Forensics

Department Level Optional Course I

Department Level Optional Course II

Institute Level Optional Course I

Institute Level Optional Course II

Computational Laboratory - I

Computational Laboratory - II

DEC-Laboratory - I

DEC-Laboratory - II

Department  Level Optional Course – I

Logic and Automated Reasoning

Image Analysis and Interpretation

Natural Language Processing

Computational Intelligence

User Experience Design

Department  Level Optional Course – I

Data Storage and Retrieval

Internet of Things

Advance Soft Computing

Semantic Web & Social Network Analysis

ICT for Social Cause

Institute Level Optional Course I

Product Life Cycle Management

Reliability Engineering

Management Information System

Design of Experiments

Operations Research

Cyber Security and Laws

Disaster Management and Mitigation Measures

Energy Audit and Management

Institute Level Optional Course I

Project Management

Finance Management

Entrepreneurship Development and Management

Human Resource Management

Professional Ethics and CSR

Research Methodologies

IPR and Patenting

Digital Business Management

Environmental Management



Special Topic Seminar

Dissertation - II

Dissertation - I


M.E. Computer Engineering Old Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

   Advanced Algorithms and    Complexity

   Advanced Operating System

   Parallel Computing

   Cyber Security

   Network Design and Management

   Decision Making and Adaptive    Business  Intelligence

   Elective I
   1. Operation Research
   2. Software Testing
   3.Machine Learning
   4. Advanced Data Base Design

   Elective III
   1. Advance Computer Graphics
   2. Information Retrieval
   3. Storage Area Network
   4. Soft Computing

   Elective II
   1. Bioinformatics
   2. High Performance Computing
   3. Service Oriented Architecture
   4. E-Business Technology

   Elective IV
   1. Advanced Compiler Design
   2. Semantic Web Technology
   3. Ubiquitous Computing
   4. Emerging wireless Technologies
   and Future Mobile Internet

   Laboratory I –Open Source

   Laboratory III –Open Source

   Laboratory II – Advanced Algorithm    and Network Lab

   Laboratory IV –Cyber Security and    Decision Making and Adaptive
   Business Intelligence

Semester III

Semester IV


   Dissertation II

   Dissertation I



 ME Computer Engineering Syllabus (Full Copy)


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